Kitten Air

by Scott & Brendo

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Little baby cat, so high, so fly
Floatin' through the air, no cares in the sky
And I wonder what the little kitty thinkin' in the brain
Flying like a plane, like a speed train, goin' insane

Superman, supercat, super cool, super phat
Super neat, super sweet, everybody on their feet...and DANCE
Like a jigga jig boogey boy
Doin' everything you can with a little joy

Slow down, and wait a sec, Everybody just take breath...WHAT, WHAT
JK cuz we're doing fine, lets join these kitties and begin to fly...

We float
We fall
We dance
We ball

We're on a roll
We lose control

Little baby man so sweet so blameless
All he ever wanna do is just be famous
But, dad and the mommy always said to him
You and your dumb dreams might as well be dead to him

One day when walking through the park,
It was dark but he heard a little voice in his heart
And he looked to the left and he saw with his own eyes
A blue sky and cats beginning to fly!

Slow down and wait a sec, this time im gonna take a breath.. WHAT, WHAT
I'm fine, its time, to join these kitties and begin to fly

We float
We fall
We dance
We ball

We're on a roll
We lose control


released September 1, 2012
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Scott & Brendo Salt Lake City, Utah

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